Should a comma be used before "and" in this line?

Give in to the darkness and you'll leave this world prematurely.

Similar line, same question:

Always do what is right and you can keep them at bay.

  • The second half of each example sentence is a consequence of the first half. You might read each sentence as having an implicit If you at the start which turn the and into then. A comma before and might instead be read as making the first half of each into an imperative.
    – Henry
    Oct 26, 2022 at 18:25

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Comma is optional. Comma is used in written language to indicate a pause in spoken language. There are other pose indicators such as semicolon and colon etc. In your two example sentences, even without the comma meaning is not lost. Commas become necessary in longwinding sentences with very long clauses, otherwise the reader loses track of the information conveyed in the sentences.

Your example sentences are fine without the commas.

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