I am writing my thesis and when I want to refer to something I will talk about later I use: see section/chapter.... But can I use it for a chapter that the reader should already have read?

Because in French, it would be strange to use voir, and we will mostly use cf. (confer) in that purpose (it can be used for previous and following parts). However, in English cf. doesn't have the same meaning. I saw also q.v. (quod vide), but is it actually used?

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    I suggest you find some theses for the area you're writing in and see what they use; it should be easy to search the text. Personally "see" is fine, or "as already described in..." if you prefer.
    – Stuart F
    2 days ago
  • q.v. is definitely used in scholarly writing. You can also use "refer to chapter N"
    – Barmar
    2 days ago
  • Thanks, both of you for your comments. I'll use your suggestions as well as q.v. Thanks! yesterday


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