I'm looking for a single word that I can use in place of "taking the blindfold off" of someone. I thought of unmasking, but I think of that as revealing what something looks like to other people. I want to emphasize that this person can now see. Is there a good word for this?

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There is, of course, unblindfold.

Even though un- is productive and can generally be prefixed to many words to reverse the action, there is actually an entry in OED:

unblindfold, v.

transitive. To unbandage (the eyes); to free (a person or animal) from a bandage over the eyes. Also figurative.

It has a venerable heritage and is neither a neologism nor the result of laziness.

c1430 Pilgr. Lyf Manhode (1869) iv. xix. 186 Þat þei vnblyndfelle so here eyen þat þei mown biholde to þe heuene.

  • This seems the best option, due to having the exact meaning requested. If for some reason the word is too ugly/long/etc, you could also use unblinker or unmask which don't mean quite the same thing but both have a connotation of removing an impediment to vision.
    – Stuart F
    Sep 7 at 15:44

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