In cybersecurity there are the following terms:

  • prevention: preventing a cybersecurity attack before it even begins, or just as it begins, such that no material damage or impact on the target system exists; and
  • remediation: stopping on ongoing cybersecurity attack; some material damage (the initial attack) may be had but, after remediation, that damage stops; and
  • mitigation: reducing the impact (but not outright stopping) a cybersecurity attack so as to minimize the damage sustained

I'm looking for a word that describes all three. That is, to either prevent, remediate or mitigate a problem.

Example usage: "Oh how I wish I had a tool that would help me prevent, remediate or mitigate these cybersecurity attacks."

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    Please give a sentence where you would use the word. There are many things you could call them, steps, measures, procedures and the list could go on. You must give a context that can limit the choices.
    – fev
    Sep 1, 2022 at 19:12
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    Thanks @fev (+1) -- understood and I have updated my question with an example usage sentence! Sep 1, 2022 at 19:32
  • Where did you get these 3 definitions? Can you add a reference and/or link? I thought remediation was mean a fix/solution be applied to a vulnerability?
    – k1eran
    Sep 1, 2022 at 21:17

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One can address a problem through prevention, remediation, or mitigation. Strictly speaking "addressing" an issue states that you're speaking about it. However, we will sometimes use "address" as a word to mean that the problem was thoughtfully approached and acted on.

According to the vDict dictionary:

Address means to

think about and begin to deal with (an issue or problem).
"a fundamental problem has still to be addressed"

If English is not your first language, it may be wise to use a some extra words to ensure you're well understood.

We found 21 potential issues and have addressed them as follows:

*We have provided code and configuration to prevent 18 vulnerabilities from being exploited.
*There is evidence of three tier-three incidents which are being remediated through joint work sessions with your lead system engineers and developers.
*We suspect one of those three incidents may have lead to a significant breach. I will update you as I know more. It is nearly impossible to know the full extent of most breaches. We are working to mitigate the compromise to integrity and confidentiality of your data by comparing your backups. In the mean time, you and I should speak with PR, HR, and legal to consider our options and obligations.

You could also "resolve" an issue by preventing or remediating.

Source: I'm an English-only CISSP w/ 15+ years professionally in cybersecurity.


You could go for combat:

to struggle against
especially : to strive to reduce or eliminate

  • combat pollution (M-W)

So you need

a tool to combat cybersecurity attacks.

The Ngram for the expression combat cyber attacks (not cybersecurity attacks) is quite impressive.


A word that may cover your need is alleviate. It works well for remediating and mitigating but its application to preventing is less secure, although arguable as below.

to make pain or problems less severe
We hope this study will alleviate this concern.

to reduce or decrease
The new battery could alleviate the concerns of many potential electric car buyers about running out of power.
In 1938, the school's annex was constructed to alleviate the need for portable classrooms.

It may be argued that the concerns and need in these examples are things that are foreseeable and are therefore prevented by alleviation.

Hence, "I wish I had a tool that would help me alleviate these cybersecurity attacks."

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