Looking for alternate formulations to four-month anniversary, a formulation that would highlight the fact that one third of a year has gone by since a certain date.

For six months there is the word semianniversary, but I can't think of a word or formulation to express the same notion for a four-month period. I read quadrimensiversary somewhere but that's not a real word.

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Word-request for equivalent of "Anniversary" but for time period of a month


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The expression four-month anniversary appears to be more commonly used in recent decades.

From Four Funerals and a Wedding: Resilience in a Time of Grief:

Am I okay because I know I did my very best for Wease? I hope so. As the four-month anniversary of Joe's death neared, I thought.

From How to Get a Guy to Propose to You In 365 Days:

Should you decide to get a gift to commemorate your four month anniversary with Mr. Right, check out the various creative ideas by way of the Google search engine.

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