I know

Sorry for the inconvenience


Sorry for any inconveniences

are both commonly used, but is "Sorry for the inconveniences" considered wrong, even though it is grammatically correct?


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Grammatically, there is no rule that will tell you that you cannot use inconveniences, in the plural, that is. Inconvenience can be a countable or uncountable noun. But it is so much less idiomatic that I don't see why you need to consider it.

If you really MUST use it, it may be more acceptable if you add created, or caused, or some sort of description of those particular inconveniences:

Sorry for the inconveniences created/that were caused in the process/etc.

Note that for sorry for any inconveniences, Ngram finds no instance.

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    Yes, that was my feeling, that the plural is only used when you add some modifiers or when you are talking about some specific, actual inconveniences. I asked simply because I'm not a native and I've seen other natives use the plural in this expression, which sounded wrong to me. It's nice to have Ngram confirm my intuitions, thanks for the tip.
    – carllacan
    Aug 5 at 11:52

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