I am trying to figure out the difference between Baltics and Baltic words should there be any. Imagine I was to call a company and want to use the Baltic/s word in it. Which would fit the most? Let's imagine a fictional company called CityBee. If I want to emphasize on its location in the whole Baltic states, should this be:

  • CityBee Baltics
  • CityBee Baltic
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    this question seems purely opinion-based so cannot really be answered well on this site. In my mind "Baltics" would refer specifically to the Baltic states (i.e. Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania, although note that whilst the latter two do speak Baltic languages, Estonian is a Finnic language, and non-Indo-European), but "Baltic" would refer to the entire region surrounding the sea and so might also include any of Northern Poland, Northern Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Northwestern Russia
    – Tristan
    Jul 25 at 8:56

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Baltics is not a common expression. The GloWbE corpus has 145 instances, against 3151 of Baltic. Of course you can call your company whatever you want.


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