I am looking for a word to express that the stock of a product was replenished and it was previously completely out of stock. Something like "replenish the stock from exactly 0 to > 0".

As far as I understand, replenish and restock don't express anything about the previous state, both simply says that stock was added, regardless of the previous stock level.

My preference is to find a single word.

  • It is difficult to find an unambiguous single word, probably there isn't in common usage. The usage of the common verbs like replenish and restock would make sense in the context, with additional wording. A nonce word (or a neologism) like dezero or unzero could work if you really need a single unambiguous verb; however, they are not defined in any dictionaries. Additionally, OED lists the verbs rezero and zeroize for the meaning 'to reset to zero' as an opposite of what you want (although used in calibration/measuring context).
    – ermanen
    Jul 20 at 13:44
  • Finding a single word is not a "must" for me. "refill" is easy to grasp and is also universally understood even among non-native speakers, which is an advantage in my case.
    – observer
    Jul 20 at 15:15

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Maybe refill:

If you refill something, you fill it again after it has been emptied.

I refilled our glasses.


It is used for stocks as well.

From this summer retailers will be allowed to refill cash machines from the notes in their tills, rather than waiting for a fresh delivery of banknotes. (Times, Sunday Times 2013).

There is also fill again:

fill something that had previously been emptied



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