I have often heard Orthodox Jewish kids use a phrase "t4". It usually means "just throwing this out there for attenton" but I am not exactly sure. I have finally seen this in-print in this Mishpacha article:

(My kids would call this a T4, like a flex that I got to chat with Rabbi YY, but if you know how accessible he makes himself to anyone and everyone — the harder the question and more perplexed the asker, the more eager he is — you know that this is a shvache [weak] T4.)

What is the exact meaning of this odd phrase, and where does it come from? (The closest I can think of is T9, the old cellphone text system, but that seems unrelated.)


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As LetEpsilonBeLessThanZero said in the comments, it is short for "Therefore, what?" It's a phrase that points out that the implications of a person's statement is a brag, even if what the person said isn't an explicit brag. For example, if one were to say,

Man, my arms are sore from lifting 200lb weights yesterday!

Saying "T4!" would potentially be an appropriate response, because the person is merely complaining about his sore arms, but the implication is a brag, because by saying "my arms are sore from lifting 200lb weights" one can therefore conclude that the individual is capable of lifting 200lb weights, and perhaps does so regularly since he said it in such a casual, backhanded way.

You can find more in the Urban Dictionary's definition.


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