I am building my resume to apply for jobs and placement drives as I have started my last year of computer engineering. This is the objective/ intro part of my resume:

I am a 4th Year Computer Engineering student looking for entry-level opportunities specifically in the Data Science, Cloud Computing, and DevOps domain to deepen my knowledge and hone my skills. I am looking for challenging roles to learn new skills and amend my prior ones.

I want the perfect word to fit the bold part of the sentence, which is to amend my prior ones.

I want express that I am looking for roles in which I can learn new skills and like upgrade the ones I already have.

I can also keep the word amend if required but I need an accurate word for my prior ones

  • Don't use "amend". It sounds as if there is something wrong with your existing skills that has to be corrected.
    – Anton
    Jul 12 at 20:46
  • Update. That is the verb you want for a resume. Update existing skills. Jul 15 at 1:40

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You could say

...and develop my existing ones.

The use of 'amend' is inappropriate here. It suggests there is something wrong with the skills you have.

Also the use of 'prior' suggests they are skills which you have lost.


You're best off ditching prior and amend because they read horribly. Instead simply use develop my XYZ skills. Or develop my XYZ skills further.

  • How does this improve on my earlier answer? Jul 12 at 19:01

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