I am proofreading some documentation, and this sentence bothers me:

This incentives users to install the app.

Is the use of 'incentives' here grammatically incorrect?

Are these two alternatives better?

  1. This incentivizes users to install the app.
  2. This encourages users to install the app.

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No, it is wrong; incentives is a noun. What you should put, is the verb "incentivizes". And yes, both your alternatives are perfectly fine and better.

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    Before correcting it, make sure that "incentive" verb is not a specialized jargon of the field.
    – GEdgar
    Jun 22 at 12:28
  • @GEdgar - I guess it would be good to be aware, but even if it were popular in one field, that doesn't mean a proofreader shouldn't help the author write in standard English, especially here, where I can't imagine anyone objecting to "incentivize." Jun 22 at 23:28

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