What's a word or longer phrase that can be used to talk about living out a fantasy of power? Getting high on power?

"Power trip" comes to my mind but I think there's another one

Do you think people crave the ______ ?

  • dictator fantasy/
    – Lambie
    May 3 at 23:07
  • @EdwinAshworth what does M-W sense mean? May 4 at 11:47
  • The multi-word sense (ie a string of two or more orthographic words, perhaps not including open compounds). Contrast a conflicting definition: 'Noun phrases do not have to contain strings of words. In fact, they can contain just one word' [UCL ... Internet Grammar] Note that this assumes that a 'string' contains over 1 word, again a debated usage. // If we allow 'phrase' to cover single words here, 'SWR's are subsumed by 'Phrase requests'. But arguably a change needs to be made to tags. May 4 at 14:05


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