Let's assume we have two men and two women. They seem like couples.

Can I ask this question?

Are you guys couples? (Are you four couples?)

Or is it grammatically incorrect? And I can only say:

Are you guys a couple?

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    Are you guys couples? (Are you two couples?). A "couple" is already 2 - if there were four couples, that would be eight people. Apr 29 at 11:31
  • "Are you guys couples?" seems OK. I don't see a grammar problem, anyway.
    – Maverick
    Apr 29 at 13:43

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"Are you guys a couple" ( When addressing only two people)

"Are you guys couples" (when asking more than two people)

I wouldn't go ahead with this, as it may confuse people. How would they know that you're asking them all?

Seems syntactically invalid and abnormal.


"Are you guys' couples" works. It implies that there are two couples no matter who is with whom.

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    Guys' with an apostrophe doesn't work in writing: it changes the meaning of the sentence completely. It does work in speech because you can't see a spoken apostrophe.
    – Andrew Leach
    Apr 29 at 11:30
  • Guys' with an apostrophe doesn't work here because it's meaningless / syntactically invalid. Apr 29 at 11:33

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