Can we use "just like the old times" with present tense?

For example:

She robs trains, just like the old times.

Is this correct and natural?

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    An odd choice of example, but you can certainly say that something is done today in the same way that it was traditionally done. Apr 28 at 16:10
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    You might want to reword it depending on your meaning. If you mean that she robs trains like people used to do in the past, I would suggest writing it "She robs trains, just as they did in old times" or something like "She robs trains, just like in the olden days." I've never seen "just like the old times" but I have seen "just like old times," and I would say that it I've seen it used more to convey the writing reminiscing about a more specific or personal past rather than referring to actual history.
    – garnerstan
    Apr 28 at 16:31
  • @garnerstan Yes, it’s not such a great sentence. The intended meaning is clear, but if one were to take it literally, it could mean “She robs trains, just like the old times robbed trains.” Apr 28 at 20:28


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