I want to say "since they made it seem normal the coronavirus spread vastly". Is there a better way to rephrase the part "making something seem normal"?


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    You might want to rephrase the "spread vastly" part too. Apr 26 at 10:18
  • Are you interested in a word that describes the person holding on to the idea that things are normal, or a word describing the person who is deliberately misleading others?
    – user888379
    Apr 26 at 12:34
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    Isn't it just normalizing or trivializing? Apr 26 at 13:50
  • What is the force of "like" in your title. Would substituting the relative pronoun "that" change its meaning? "Think like" requires an object e.g. "think like a child, an adult, a sportsman, a scientist". I wonder whether you should be posting on SE English Language Learners.
    – David
    Apr 26 at 20:13

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It depends on the usage. In political contexts, you can say gas-lighting. In colloquial contexts, you can say new normal. In other contexts, you can probably say acclimating. What you're describing is a scenario where people are experiencing fatigue to a heightened sense of emergency though, not people adjusting to the changed environment like a natural habituation.

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