The word I'm looking for is just what the title says, a term for a "person in a coma". Or it could be a phrase, because I just need a little variety.

It gets a little repetitive if I say "in a coma" multiple times.

If there isn't any, is there any synonyms for "coma" that communicates similar connotations (like hospital, medical, long time, stability) but not too technical?


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Comatose is the adjective you can substitute: "a comatose state"

You can also use "deeply unconscious" or "senseless"

  • comatose - affected with coma. "The patient lay comatose, sustained by respirators."

The main point is: all comatose patients are unconscious. If their comatose state isn't "superficial" (there's a gradation) they can be totally senseless too. However, not every unconscious or senseless patient is comatose.

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