By "words with opposites of the same form", I mean word pairs such as:

  • Input/Output
  • Inhale/Exhale
  • Import/Export

and so forth.

Is there a term to describe such pairs?


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If all the antonyms you intend are indeed linked by form and created by adding prefixes and/or suffixes to the same root, you could say they are paronymous antonyms.

In grammar and morphology, a paronym is a word that is derived from the same root as another word, such as children and childish from the root word child. Adjective: paronymous. Also known as a beside-word.

In a broader sense, paronyms may refer to words that are linked by a similarity of form. Richard Nordquist; "Definition and Examples of Paronyms"

paronymous (adj.)

Of a word or group of words: derived from the same root; cognate. (OED)

paronym (n.)

A word which is derived from another word, or from a word with the same root, and having a related or similar meaning (e.g. childhood and childish); a derivative or cognate word. (OED)

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