I can't find the word for this... Imagine you enter a coworking centre and there is a wall with little plaques where they display their customer's names and/or logos. How would you call that?

In Spanish we call it "directorio" but there is no direct translation for this.

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    Have you considered the obvious translation directory - see Lexico particularly definition 1.1 here
    – Stuart F
    Mar 1 at 11:30
  • Please edit the question to explain a little more. I'm imagining a board that helps you locate business within an office building; beside each name it perhaps tells the floor or room number. Is this what you mean, or is it more of an advertisement or display of clients? Mar 1 at 14:29

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I would call it a "Directory Board" or more precisely a "Company Directory Board".

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    – Community Bot
    Mar 1 at 12:05
  • Many many thanks! It was very helpful :)
    – Anna JM
    Mar 1 at 12:33
  • Isn't that what one calls a logo panel with a single sign of a single company? Mar 1 at 12:49
  • Also, building directory, shopping mall directory, apartment directory. Mar 1 at 16:18

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