I write a letter to inform him

I want to convert this sentence into the passive voice. But then wrote down these three sentences. I can't understand the difference between these sentences. Can anyone explain the difference?

  1. A letter is written to be informed him.
  2. I write a letter to be informed him.
  3. A letter is written to inform him
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    1 and 2 are meaningless. 3 is correct.
    – Anton
    Jan 30, 2022 at 7:54

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Both versions using "to be informed" are incorrect. The reason is that the "to be" form refers back to the noun phrase before "to be" so the object of the verb (he in this case) would have to be placed before the "to be" phrase. For instance:

"He was to be informed by a letter from me"

Also the accusative form of the third person pronoun (him) is used for objects of verbs (for instance "I sent a letter to him") but in the passive voice as you have constructed it "he" is the subject so the pronoun must take the nominative form.

You can create a passive sentence with "him" as the object but then the subject has to be "the letter". You have done this in your third sentence which is correct.


The first two are grammatically incorrect. The third sounds fairly natural and carries the meaning you intend.


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