I’ve been reading a lot of applied psychology and find myself frequently describing an exciting idea as “both interesting and helpful”, to connote that the idea is intellectually fascinating and also has clear and interesting implications for how it could be applied to one’s own life, and/ or personal growth, and/ or understanding self or others. Is there a single word - or a better phrase - that connotes both of these things?

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    One for the opposite is 'neither use nor ornament'. Jan 28, 2022 at 15:22

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A single word that may come close is

noteworthy (adj.)

A fact or event that is noteworthy is interesting, remarkable, or significant in some way. Collins

Worthy of attention, observation, or notice; notable, remarkable. (OED)

The given word 'noteworthy' means worth paying attention to, interesting or significant. EduGorilla; RBI Office Attendant Recruitment Exam Preparation (2021)

When he asked her if the information was helpful she answered him that the only noteworthy info was the location of the body and the fact that the victim had not been killed on the spot. Hélène Lapaire Justus; My Secret (2012)

The improvement in the work of these two girls was noteworthy, helping considerably in the increased production of the group. Silbley Journal of Engineering p.127 (1918)

Work on the pragmatic uses of language in journalism was noteworthy in that it not only allowed scholars to consider journalism through one of its most obvious, proven, and patterned manifestations—language—but it also helped make journalistic work comprehensible by connecting it to the broader uses of language. Barbie Zelizer; Taking Journalism Seriously (2004)

  • Noteworthy doesn’t quite work in this context because it has a quite impersonal tone. The context here is personal growth and development; so “helpful and interesting” implies personally helpful to me and others, in application to our own lives.
    – Rhiannon P
    Feb 6, 2022 at 17:43

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