I am working on a project that helps people to develop green energy at a small scale, grassroots level.

Please suggest other words to describe this kind of social/technology change, for the ordinary people, localized change and small projects.

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'Local effort', 'community-based', 'independent', 'local initiative' are a few descriptors that come to mind.

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  • ... a project that helps people to develop green energy on a domestic scale ...

refers in the first instance to individual households, it's broadened to include small neighbourhoods.

  • Some renewable energy technologies are well suited to domestic-scale use, particularly solar (either for heating water or for generating electricity), heat pumps and biomass.

[{UK} Centre for Sustainable Energy; CSE]

  • There are also domestic-scale wind power and micro hydro – these are less common and they need specific locations to perform well.

[Energy Saving Trust {UK}]

  • As well as being used on a domestic scale, there are also several solar farms in the UK.

[The Green Age]

Similarly [bolding mine],

  • energy systems on a neighbourhood scale


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