I see some words and phrases in Longman dictionary and there is a sentence at the end of their definition: "used to show disapproval".

I'm not sure what exactly it means.

For example, I looked up the word "obsess" in the dictionary and here is the definition:

if something or someone obsesses you, you think or worry about them all the time and you cannot think about anything else - used to show disapproval

  • It means the said action isn't approved of or liked in general.
    – user405662
    Commented Jan 13, 2022 at 8:07

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This expression basically tells you that the speaker will use this word in order to show his/her disapproval of whatever it refers to. If you compare for example to be obsessed with someone and to think of someone all the time (because they are dear to you), you understand that 'obsessed' denotes a negative attitude of the speaker towards the person described.

Cambridge defines disapproval as:

the feeling of having a negative opinion of someone or something:

  • Although they said nothing, she could sense their disapproval of her suggestion.

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