This is a dialogue from the TV series Jessie, episode title is The Fear In Our Stars.

-So, the asteroid's not gonna hit Earth?

-Hardly. Look, if you multiply the trajectory of the asteroid by the angle of Earth's rotation, carry the twosie, The asteroid is actually going to... Crash right into Central Park!

I have no idea what the speaker means here.

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"Twosie" is a diminutive of "two"; compare onesie-twosie, an idiom meaning in ones and twos, or "twosie" a type of sleepwear in two pieces. This is by analogy with "onesie" which is a better-known word for a single-piece garment originally for small children (hence the diminutive) and now used as sleep/leisure wear by adults.

"Carry the two" is an example of a procedure in arithmetic where you do multiplication (or addition) digit by digit, carrying the excess over to the next column: see this explanation on WikiHow.

So "carry the twosie" is a childish way of doing multiplication, presumably intended for humorous effect.

  • The whole statement is nonsense math, twosie just underlines that. Dec 15, 2021 at 11:03

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