The context is time planning. Specifically, how to name these activities/projects/? that are needed for achieving your vision/dream. Which word would describe (cover) the following activities the best?

  • learning to play guitar
  • writing a scientific article
  • writing a new song
  • learning a new skill

Possible suitable words

Project - is used for more extensive activities than described above?

Activity - is often use for very small activities (e.g. going for running)?

Or are there any better words?

  • I suggest you use the word borp (yes, I made that up). Now decide whether one borp may 'contain' other borps, whether a borp has a (at least intended) short or long duration, a start and end date, relations with other borps, etc. Then, when you have clarified your own thinking about time planning you will be able to tell us much more precisely the purpose for which you seek the word. And if all that is too much trouble for you, use task and move on to something more interesting in your project. Nov 13 at 7:54

When you are describing things that are personal--learning to play an instrument; write a song--the English term is "aspiration." Those are things you want to do ('aspire to') for your own satisfaction. So they are not really 'projects' or 'activities'. 'Activities' are things you do, rather than things you desire. 'Projects' are often related to work, school, or even home, and they are something discrete, rather than a long term goal.

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