Looking for a word that means the whole something is a part of; e.g.

An element is a constituent of a list; "a whole's constituent" refers to an element. The list is the _____ of an element; "an element's ____" refers to the whole.

Aggregate was my original thought, but I'm not sure it fully works since it's better used with all the elements rather than one specific one; this can be seen in "the elements' aggregate".

  • An element's classification, parent, etc? You haven't been very specific about what is meant by 'element'. Nov 11 at 15:27
  • Thanks for including a sample sentence, as is required for word requests! I think we're still not getting it, though, because it's so generic. Could you try for a more specific one? Does "The novel is the ___ of the chapter" work? I'm afraid there isn't going to be any one word, so much as many that could work but bring in other connotations or contextual uses... Nov 11 at 15:38
  • Thanks for the answers everyone. Sorry for being so generic in the original question, but the exact use case is very similar to Andy's suggested example, and is related to financial products. Though I'm not sure it's super relevant here, I'll provide a little context: a combo is a financial product that contains many constituent products called singles. I'm looking for a word to reference a combo from one of these constituents; for example, "A single's ____ combo", intending to reference the combo that contains this single.
    – Stanley
    Nov 11 at 16:00
  • a combo is a financial product that contains many constituent products called singles So the term product is applied to both the whole and the part? Are some financial products composed of only one part? Can the same part appear in more than one whole? Please, don't try to explain (if you care to explain at all) in a comment, edit your question to be more complete. Nov 11 at 16:06
  • 2
    I despair of folk who ask for precise words to fit into particular situations but refrain from precision in their descriptions of those situations. You're asking us to find a peg to fit a hole, but keeping us in the dark about whether you have a square hole or a round one. Don't fret, I despair of so much of C21. Nov 11 at 16:38

In the context of commercial deals, such as in the case of this financial product referred to in the comments, it seems that the word "package" is proper.

(OALD, package 3) a set of items or ideas that must be bought or accepted together

As "combination" means "put together", the term "package combo" seem very much redundant, so given the understanding that each combination is a package, the term "single's package" could be used.

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