Wiktionary currently defines a blanket statement as follows:

  1. A type of fallacy from making an inductive conclusion with insufficient evidence; a kind of faulty generalization; underpowered generalization
  2. A sentence wherein one wrongly assumes that one truth applies to a vast set of possibilities

In contrast, the entry for sweeping includes this:

  1. wide, broad, affecting or touching upon many things

    The government will bring in sweeping changes to the income tax system.

    He loves making sweeping statements without the slightest evidence.

Therefore, I believe that blanket statements are a subset of sweeping statements: any blanket statement is necessarily a sweeping statement, because faultily generalizing to too many cases must involve "touching upon many things." But perhaps I am assuming that every blanket statement under definition (1.) necessarily satisfies definition (2.). Regardless, Wiktionary is not the one and only source for definitions.

What are some similarities and differences between blanket statements and sweeping statements?

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  • It's innovative to notice that blanket statements are a subset of sweeping statements. Then there's no defining similarites and differences. Oct 31 '21 at 21:38
  • Neither definition in Wikipedia is good. Go to more nuanced dictionaries; reject this effort to be precise about the relationship between these two words.
    – Xanne
    Nov 1 '21 at 4:49

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