The reader ____ a more concrete example of ...

In the same vein as "finds missing", how can I say the reader is left worse off for not being given a concrete example of [...]?

The reader misses a more concrete example of ...

Although technically true in the sense of "yearning for", it's weird and doesn't have the connotation of dissatisfaction.

The reader finds lacking a more concrete example of ...

Seems too accusative of the author, and too rational not as emotional as I would like.

Same meaning as "would appreciate", but specifically highlighting that it currently doesn't exist.

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    You mentioned "finds lacking"; what about "the reader feels the lack of"? A bit more feeling, but not as intense as yearning or pining. Oct 28, 2021 at 0:01

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The OP says that finds lacking is "not as emotional as I would like."

The reader thirsts for a more concrete example of...

thirst (v.)

Figurative. To have a longing, craving, or strong desire. OED

If, for example, in the story of Joshua Abbina's, told in chaper 3, the reader thirsts for detail, so does the historian. Kenneth Stow; Theater of Acculturation

The reader thirsts for additional details that will flesh out the portrait. Derek Harris; The Spanish Avant-garde

This book, this beautiful wonderful book, is the precise manifestation of how one should go about the business of combing absolutely exhaustive research with a firm grip on the elements of narrative that the reader thirsts for when first lifting the book off its shelf... Hubert O'Hearn; blurb for Charles Foran; Mordecai


The reader ____ a more concrete example of ...

Craving n.

  • a strong desire for something

The reader craving a more concrete example of...

If you are trying to convey the same meaning of "would appreciate"

Eager adj.

  • a keen desire or feeling of anticipation

The reader is eager for a more concrete example of...

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