I have need to unite ‘mathematical’ and ‘geometrical’ into a single word. At present I am stuck with using, for example: …mathematical cum geometrical methodology as a solution to…

An example of a similar form is ‘religiocultural’ or ‘religio-cultural’ as an amalgamation of the two words ‘religious’ and ‘cultural’.

I have trawled through quite a few dictionaries trying to find the appropriate prefixes without any success. I presume that the correct word form is ‘mathogeometrical’ or ‘matho-geometrical’.

However, mathico-, mathio- and matheo- could well be viable options as prefixes too.

Can someone confirm or enlighten me as to the best usage please?

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    In the context you have in mind, why doesn't geometric/geometrical carry the sense of mathematical on its own?
    – Lawrence
    Oct 13 at 23:26
  • You are correct in what you say @Lawrence, however, I am attempting link two independent lines of proof, one formulaeic (mathematical) and the other geometrical (pictorial), so I really need to use an amalgamated word to best reflect the coming together of the two logics.
    – Pytheorem
    Oct 14 at 0:17
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    – jimm101
    Oct 15 at 0:43
  • Hi @jimm101. My question there has been deleted. I was politely redirected to this forum to resubmit the query.
    – Pytheorem
    Oct 15 at 2:20