I was filling out a description box for a potential meeting with a contact, & I went to type the sentence:

"To have a follow up conversation about ____'s guest lecture."

Would that be considered a full sentence or a fragment?

  • Are you judging a note to self or the title of an appointment as a full sentence? Oct 6 at 21:33

Yes, it's a sentence fragment because it's missing a subject, verb, or both. Yes, "have" is a verb, but yes, it's a "to-infinitive" and is not the main verb of the sentence, so its conjugation doesn't have a bearing on the question.

Is that a problem? Not necessarily. The context is informal and the meaning is understood. The implied sentence is something like:

[The reason for the meeting is] to have a follow-up conversation...

  • Great, it's much more clear. Thank you! Oct 7 at 3:19

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