The right word would be a close synonym for Implemented and make sense on its own as a status description in tables and filters, but more natural sounding in this context and without the implication of progression that Completed has. I could maybe work with a two-word phrase but would much prefer a single word.

"The changes to the shift were ___ after the request was accepted and approved"


"The request was ___ after it was accepted and approved"


  • Users of my software can request to trade a shift with another user. This trade is subject to both being Accepted by the other user and Approved by their supervisor (which can happen in any order), and could be rejected by either.
  • Users can also receive requests from higher-ups for modifications to a scheduled shift, which the user can accept or reject.

Either type of request can be described as "Rejected" if it did not go through, but I'm looking for a single word to describe the ones that did go through. I can't use Approved or Accepted, as in the case of trades those are separate statuses that need to both be true before the trade can take place.

Implemented captures the meaning I'm looking for, but sounds kind of odd and clunky in this context. I swear there's a better word on the tip of my tongue that I can't seem to find by searching synonyms, but it's entirely possible that my brain can't remember it because it doesn't actually exist.

I'm currently using Completed as it sounds more natural, however it's not a perfect fit because it implies work done over a timeline with a start and end, and these changes are made immediately as soon as the program knows it should do them.

Other rejected synonyms: Executed, effected, carried out, applied, enacted, done

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action verb [ T usually passive ] UK /ˈæk.ʃən/ US /ˈæk.ʃən/ to do something to deal with a particular problem or matter: I'll just run through the minutes of the last meeting, raising those points that still have to be actioned.


  • I think this word fits what I was asking for best. Still doesn't feel 100% right but at this point I'm convinced English just doesn't have a word that would.
    – Janikole
    Commented Aug 30, 2021 at 17:58

I would recommend the following choices, although there may be others:

The changes to the shift were made after the request was accepted and approved.

Or, better yet, strengthen it by saying...

Shift schedules were changed after the request was accepted and approved.


The changes to the shift were effectuated after the request was accepted and approved.

The request was effectuated after it was accepted and approved.

In light of the OP's rejected verbs and the comment:

...these changes are made immediately as soon as the program knows it should do them.

I suggest this synonym of the verb effect.

Effectuate is formal word, but it pinpoints the action the OP refers to, and it logically follows acceptance and approval. Like to bring about, it emphasizes the start/cause of something rather than its progress or completion.

...these changes are made immediately as soon as the program knows it should do them.

effectuate (v.)

To cause or bring about (something) : to put (something) into effect or operation m-w

Section 23 of the Utilities Act requires any public service company desiring to make any change in its schedule of rates to effectuate such change by filing with this Commission.... Annual Report of the Public Utilities Commission, State of Maine

To effectuate this change in policy, as well as to respond to petition to EPA from both environmental and industry groups seeking an accelerated schedule, ... Hunton & Williams; Clean Air Handbook

  • Why use effectuate when effect means the exact same thing — with less fuss? Commented Aug 28, 2021 at 2:44
  • In part the confusion about affect/effect, but mainly because the OP rejected it.
    – DjinTonic
    Commented Aug 28, 2021 at 2:53

After a shift reassignment request is both approved and accepted by all parties involved, I would imagine that it advances to reassigned.

In the sense that your application has done its job in reassigning, its job has been completed and is now complete.

But the shift still needs to be completed. I think that is where your struggle lies.

Save completed for completed shifts, if your app tracks that.


Would any of the following suffice?

  • Resolved
  • Confirmed
  • Fixed
  • Set
  • Recorded

As a fellow developer, I tend to go with Completed, but I can see your dilemma here.

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