In row boats, and similar boats, there is a drain plug, which is taken out when it is ashore, to empty for water. In Norwegian the term used is 'nygle', and in Icelandic 'nöldur'. In contemporary English it seems that the term in use is 'drain plug'.

Did English have one word, as e.g. 'spigot', for drain plugs? If so, what was it?

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    Aren't they bungs? Aug 11 at 15:13
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    Recreational boats: drain plugs is generic. spigot requires being turned on.
    – Lambie
    Aug 11 at 15:24
  • @MichaelHarvey My understanding is that they are for casks, and the etymology suggests that 'bung' is not old enough as drain plugs were common long before the fifteenth century.
    – Sapiens
    Aug 11 at 15:26
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    I've been able to date boat's plug only to 1832 and boat-plug to 1853.
    – DjinTonic
    Aug 11 at 18:00
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    It would be interesting to know whether the Norwegians and Icelanders use "nylge" and "nöldur" for the plugs found in sinks and baths. It would also be interesting to know whether there is a verb in either language which means to
    – BoldBen
    Aug 12 at 0:24

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