In "Please V X into the slot S", the word order is such that

  • V immediately precedes S, and
  • the preposition into is then used.

That's what I need. Clearly you can put or insert X into slot S. But I am after a verb which conveys a similar sense to allocate, connoting that you have arranged or earmarked or allocated a special slot into which you then deposit the item X.

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    Assign, perhaps?
    – Hot Licks
    Aug 5 at 17:24
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    Is there really some reason you need “into” to be used here, as opposed to any other preposition?
    – Chris H
    Aug 5 at 17:30
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    the whole premise is faulty. Allocating slot S is an operation on S. But using a verb on X is an operation on X. They can never be equivalent.
    – Jim
    Aug 5 at 18:40
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    V doesn't immediately precede S in your example. Your question doesn't make sense.
    – Pound Hash
    Aug 7 at 18:02
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    @Jim yeah good point. Wow. Therefore instead of “Please V X into slot S” the question would be “Please V S with X” - where Ive kept the referrants the same but the part-of-speech labels (if one was thinking that way where X is direct object etc) are not applicable anymore. Example “Please target slot S with the envelope of money”.
    – Al Brown
    Sep 5 at 6:49

Appropriate, as a verb, is the best I got. Then use “to” not “into”, maybe either.

Deposit helps us just a little; it indicates intent and care but not assignment. Dedicate is better and seems to fit the need but then sounds doesn’t sound right, again with “to”.

Dedicate or appropriate. Or even direct.

Please direct the money into slot S.

None are perfect; if we could put an adjective on the slot instead would be easy, “correct”, “appropriate”, “designated” (which is even better than “dedicated”) etc.

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    Tough crowd in this se.
    – Al Brown
    Aug 5 at 18:40
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    The designated slot
    – Al Brown
    Aug 6 at 5:34

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