I stumbled upon the idiom "hooking it home" in some of Bukowski's lines. Namely,

the whores are there for young boys and old men;
to the young boys they say,
"don't be frightened, honey, here I'll put it in for you."
and for the old guys
they put on an act
like you're really hooking it home.

The only related idiom meaning I found online is the following:

to get a ride by hitchhiking. e.g., My car broke down and I had to hook it home.

Which does not seem suitable. I found some other references in sports articles, e.g.

Six minutes later Hernández finally had the ball in Neuer's net, hooking it home with a brusque left-footed volley, only to be given offside.

This use seems more related since it has the "scoring" meaning.

On the other hand, I was thinking about a same-flavored idiom: hammer (something) home, i.e,

To make something extremely clear; to make someone understand or realize something, especially through forceful repetition.

What's your take on Bukowski's line? Is this (something like "forcefully scoring") another use of "hook it home"?

  • Yeap. Makes good sense.
    – dimitris
    Jul 9 '21 at 13:39
  • It means: they are successfully penetrating the whores (no viagra, ha ha). God, Bukowski's gross.
    – Lambie
    Jul 9 '21 at 17:08

"Hook it home" is a term from football/soccer that apparently means to make a goal (with a challenging offensive maneuver.)


O'Brien got hold of a loose ball after Alan Shearer's strike had been blocked by a massed Fulham defence and hooked it home from two meters.

(Irish Times)

Campbell's challenge on Pavel Srnicek, as the pair went for a David Unsworth long ball, caused the goalkeeper to spill the ball to Jeffers, who hooked it home expertly from 20 yards.


The senior forward hooked it home from an almost impossibly sharp angle to make it 2-0.


Morocco failed to clear the bouncing ball and substitute Kahraba hooked it home from close range to book a semi-final against Burkina Faso on Wednesday.

This being used as metaphor by Bukowski means the whores are convincing the old guys they are really getting the job done in an expert way: that they are in fact pleasing the whores (hooking it home). They are scoring the goal by use of a skilled maneuver.


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