"Submit the assignment by February 10th." What does this statement mean?

Possibility 1

The assignment should be submitted by February 10th, 23:59.

Possibility 2

The assignment should be submitted by February 9th, 23:59.

  • 1
    When you say “by Feb 10th, 23:59” do you mean by Feb 10, 23:59.99999 or by Feb 10th, 23:58.9999?
    – Jim
    Jun 8 at 6:33
  • It is 1 rather than 2, but that is a matter of the conventions governing educational assignments, rather than of the meaning of by, considered in the abstract. As pointed out by Mitch in the answer to the linked question, such formulations are ambiguous in themselves, but the context usually makes it clear what is intended.
    – jsw29
    Jun 8 at 17:05

Well, before it turns into the 11th. So if you can submit the assignment on Feb 10th at 11:59 pm you’re good. Once the clock strikes 12:00 you missed the deadline. Possibility 1 exists here.

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