I am looking for a short adjective or adjective phrase to convey the following description:

"When we borrow a solution from another domain to solve a problem that is not relevant but we have no choice.

This solution is ... (adjective or adjective phrase)

Any suggestions for how to fill this blank space with a smart substitute. Thank you

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for the present time but likely to change:

These dates are only provisional.

[Cambridge Dictionary]


The closest is probably makeshift

"As an adjective, 1680s, "of the nature of a temporary expedient," which led to the noun sense of "that with which one meets a present need or turn, a temporary substitute" (by 1802)."


The solution has been transposed.

Transpose =

1 : to change the relative place or normal order of

2 : to change in form or nature : TRANSFORM

3 : to render into another language, style, or manner of expression : TRANSLATE

4 : to transfer from one place or period to another : SHIFT

Merriam Webster

Although these definitions do not all explicitly express it, they all are consistent with the sense that something has been taken from its normal place and applied elsewhere.

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