What does the speaker mean or imply with the intonation on "online" at 0:31 around? A negative and doubtful query? Does the intonation pattern on "online" completely fall at the end? Or, does it slightly rise at the end because it occurs before a pause - intonation unit?

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    The speaker is expressing mockery or disbelief – a murder mystery online isn't of any interest to him. There is a slight interrogative lilt, but it isn't really a question. If any, "a murder mystery, online?" implies "Did I hear you right?" May 29 at 6:08
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    May 29 at 20:16

As pointed out in the comments, the speaker's tone, at least to me, seems to express derision and/or mockery of the concept of an online party.

A party, of course, is a gathering: an event where people come to a location in order to enjoy themselves with other people. When such an event takes place online, some elements of the event can be more awkward: everyone is in the same "room," so to speak, where chatting with a select group of people is much more difficult; people are prone to technical difficulties which limit their ability to participate in the event; people cannot share food or beverages with others; and so on.

Since the pandemic began, events have had to adapt to online environments, which, as I'm sure you've experienced, have a hard time surpassing that beloved human interaction. Plus, with the party being a murder mystery party, one would seemingly have to put on a costume only to sit in front of their computer the whole time. Obviously, this is not ideal. Some people, like the speaker, also probably find it awkward and/or strange to have such an event online in the first place.

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