Are there any grammatical rules for numbered lists (my university does not have a guideline for this)?

Which format would be correct for the given example of numbered objectives? Two things that I prefer: I would like to use numbered list with points (not brackets) and I would like to use an introductory/leading sentence above.

The first sentence should end with a "dash"? Each of the objectives ends with a full stop?

Specific objectives of the study are listed as below -

1. To assess ... .

2. To evaluate ... .

3. To examine ... .

  • With a colon? "1. To assess the xxx:" etc. May 26, 2021 at 8:51

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For doctoral dissertations, the University itself would be seriously lacking for want if it didn't have in its library a resource for Ph.d students to answer this question. My advice to you is to start there.

Example: Harvard University has theirs online "Formatting Your Dissertation" with many keypoints and tips. https://gsas.harvard.edu/degree-requirements/dissertations/formatting-your-dissertation

Oxford University has their entire library database of theses and dissertations depending on field of study online. (Search "Theses and Dissertations").

Avoid straying off the path too far.


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