For some time I have been looking for a word that describes a repetitive or monotonous task in a positive light. In particular, some people find simple tasks like grocery shopping, counting pennies, or making highly detailed drawings to be soothing. The closest thing I've found to such a word is the phrase 'comfortingly repetitive.' Synonyms for 'monotonous,' 'comforting,' 'soothing,' and 'repetitive' have turned up nothing close.

A vaguely related word might be 'stereotypy,' though this word is a noun that (negatively) describes a pathological behavior, whereas I am looking for a positive adjective. Maybe someone with a stereotypy would describe the tasks they do using the sought-after word.

A noun for a 'comfortingly repetitive task' would also be helpful, so long as it had a positive connotation.


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A repetitive task can be said to be meditative

marked by or conducive to meditation

Meditation is defined as

to engage in contemplation or reflection

Any repetitive task that doesn’t require active thought can be meditative. Also, some people use the term zen

a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort



of, relating to, or characterized by rhythm, as in movement or sound; metrical, periodic, or regularly recurring

One can also write of the "rhythms of life." (The association with music does help with the connotation, I suspect.)


There is "second nature" but that doesn't carry quite the same connotation. It implies there is no stress involved, not necessarily comfort.

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