My friend and I have picked a day next week to hang out online on a video call -let's say it's Monday-. Sunday has come and I want to make sure we are having our online meeting as scheduled. What message can I send him?

can I say "Are we still on our meeting date"? How is it said naturally in English speaking countries?

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    More likely "Are we still on for our meeting?", or "Is our meeting still on?" – psmears May 4 at 21:16
  • @psmears I would supply that as an answer, if I were you. – WS2 May 4 at 21:24
  • @psmears thank you. – Mohamad Waly May 4 at 22:59
  • Just ask, "Are we still on for next week?" – Benjamin Harman May 5 at 4:33

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