The rock is six feet in height. The rock is six feet tall.

The rock is nine feet in width. The rock is nine feet wide.

The rock is ten tons in weight. The rock weighs ten tons.

I don't understand why the "in" forms are used. They seem pretentious, and they add words to no purpose. Does anyone know why "in" isn't out?

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    There's no rule that we have to express everything in the fewest possible words! – Kate Bunting Apr 29 at 7:14
  • Often when a longer way of saying the same thing is chosen, it is to create an air of formality, or a storytelling feeling. Possibly because of context or possibly for emphasis. – Pete W Apr 29 at 14:25

It is an idiomatic use of the preposition “in”:

in height (idiom)

  • having a specified height : tall


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