The documentary I am watching is about WW2 (wartime Dover, actually). And the narrator, who is aboard a helicopter, utters these sentences, putting himself in the shoes of a German airman:

We know the Luftwaffe bombarded this airfield time and time again. Hawkinge was a key part of our defenses.

Straight over the top. Bombs gone. Have we got ‘em Mike?

(Mike is the helicopter pilot.)**

I don't understand the sentences in bold.

  • It’s not enough context for me.
    – Xanne
    Commented Apr 28, 2021 at 5:40

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This is what I assume, I'm not sure though:

  • Straight over the top.

Directly on top of the people they are trying to hit.

  • Bombs gone.

The bombs have been dropped.

  • Have we got ‘em Mike? (Mike is a pilot in a helicopter.)

Did we get them, Mike?

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