I don't know if you have this experience, or if you have noticed, that a lot of people who like travelling abroad, have actually not been many places in their own city, probably because it's so close to their home that they think they can visit any time, hence they keep deferring and turn out have never visited even once in their life.

For example, a Parisien might have been many great tourist attraction sites around the world, like the Great Wall, the Iguaçu Falls, the Machu Picchu, the Angkor Wat, but have never visited le musée du Louvre, despite it being located within his/her city.

I have encountered this many many times in my life(including myself, haven't been to the Great Bronze Buddha and Disneyland in Hong Kong after years), thus I really want to have a vocabulary to describe this phenomenon.

Thank you in advance.


You can describe the person you are referring to as xenophile:

: one attracted to foreign things (such as styles or people)


  • Thank you for your answer, however, although xenophile covers the part where a person is attracted to foreign things, it misses out on the part where the local person didn't visit his/her own city/country because he/she thinks "it's too easily available"......
    – ProudHKer
    Apr 17 at 9:43
  • @ProudHKer - xenophiles, being more attracted by foreign cultures, arts and life styles would automatically tend to spend their time traveling abroad or find information about foreign things rather than caring about what’s around them at home. Xenophiles are, for some reason, prejudiced against their own culture.
    – user 66974
    Apr 17 at 10:34

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