Alfred trusts Bob.

In some contexts — especially legal or financial — we might call Bob a trustee. Following this vein (and pursuing a notion of generalization) what might we call Alfred? A truster?

Bonus question: Is there a name for the thing that Alfred trusts Bob with?

In working around this question I came up with a few other somewhat related concepts.

  • guarantor. What do we call the recipient of the guarantee? The guaranteed? (Note the disambiguation required between the person who is being guaranteed something, and the object being guaranteed).
  • contributor. What do we call the recipient of the contribution?

Are these examples of some broader set of English words (or ideas)?

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    What might we call Alfred? In this day and age, I'd go with "an optimist". Apr 14 '21 at 15:53
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    It looks at least in formal legal terminology, the two parties to a trust are the trustee and the trustor. Apr 14 '21 at 19:27

The opposite of contributor is contributee. [T]he Contribution will entail the transfer to the Contributee of all the assets . . . ." https://www.lawinsider.com/dictionary/contributee

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