If the relationship between someone and their friend is "Friendship", then what is the name of the relationship between someone and his/her relative?

Context: e.g. I cherish my friendship with John.

e.g. I cherish my …………… with Oliver -He is my cousin-

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    It is not clear whether you asking for (1) a word that simply expresses the fact that somebody is your relative, and nothing more, or (2) a word that refers to your interaction with somebody as a relative. Note that (1) can exist without (2): one can have relatives that one never interacts with (in that respect being a relative is not analogous to being a friend).
    – jsw29
    Apr 13 at 22:26
  • My intended question is, if you call the relationship between you and your friend "friendship", so what do you call the relationship between you and your relative? Apr 14 at 0:59
  • Are you asking specifically about a cousin, because some of your comments suggest that, or about a relationship with any relative? Merriam-Webster has cousinage, but it's rare in my opinion merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cousinage
    – Stuart F
    Jul 19 at 18:48
  • @StuartF Yes, with any relative Is "kinship" the right word? Jul 19 at 23:58

A friendship is a relationship between people that may change over time as the friends come to know each other better.

A relationship with kin is a kinship, but it’s static, not dynamic. Kinship is a defined relationship like brother or cousin, and stays the same no matter how well you are acquainted. Different cultures define kinship relationships differently, especially, perhaps, what we call in-laws in English—relatives because of marriage rather than blood lines.

  • Okay @Xanne, my precise question is what is the name of the relationship between someone and their cousin? Apr 13 at 8:46
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    No idea. That wasn’t your posted question.
    – Xanne
    Apr 13 at 22:49

This is a family relationship, none are closer. So it would be appropriate to refer to it as your relationship with your cousin.

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    Is "kinship" the right word? Apr 13 at 4:41

Use kinship, because you are referring to a

relationship: the way in which two or more people feel and behave towards each other


in particular, you refer to a family relationship. This is known as

kinship = the relationship between members of the same family


The word comes from kin, which is:

a group of persons of common ancestry

Merriam Wenster

And the suffix -ship

= -ship state : condition : quality. Example:friendship

Merriam Webster

  • What do we call a relationship between someone and their cousin? And what do we call a one between someone and their brother? I think family relationship is so general! Apr 13 at 8:50

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