Hello I have a question related to the usage of "as" and "since" in the meaning "because". I have such a sentence:

  • While some people sell stories to the tabloid press about how their lives have changed, many others are sadly disappointed with the results, as it may even have left them looking considerably worse than they did before.

Am I right in thinking that the "as" in this sentence means "because"? Is it possible to use "since" there: " ... since it may ..." – or perhaps we can only say " ... as is may ..."?

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    Yes, it means because (not before, which I assume to be a typo), and could be replaced with since. – Kate Bunting Apr 2 at 17:17
  • It is unclear what 'it' is referring to; with clearer examples, 'as', 'since' and 'because' (when they have the meaning 'because') are usually interchangeable. – Edwin Ashworth Apr 4 at 13:11

In this sentence, "as" means "because" or "since" -- not "before."

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