I came across the term "logo schmogo" and went researching its meaning and usage, and have a vague working-theory, but am still confused. Would be great to learn the exact meaning and primary usage of the term. Thanks.

  1. I get that this is a form of reduplication (repeating a word or adding a second word that sounds similar to the first word) (e.g. easy-peasy, hurly-burly, super-duper) The dictionary gives definitions for some of them, but not this one. Could be that this one is fairly new or still a bit niche.

  2. My working theory. I think it's one or a combination of the following, but I am having a hard time summing it up in a clear sentence.

  • It is used to criticize or mock the "logo is the be-all-and-end-all of branding", or "logo=brand identity" attitude.
  • It means "You think your new logo will solve all your problems? You are wrong"
  • "Your logo is missing substance, it's just a layer on top."
  1. It's harder to take a guess because this term is mostly used in titles (for chapters, blog posts), or as an exclamation (e.g. Logo schmogo indeed!) or opening of a social media post (e.g. Logo schmogo, blablabla)

  2. Here are some use-cases I was able to collect:

  • An article titled"School District Logo Schmogo:Board Not Happy with the New Emblem and Its Price Tag", an interview in the article says “The idea of a communication plan is much more than an image, a logo,”
  • A twitter conversation Political party X posts: We will put Y first. That is what our new logo will symbolize for everyone. Voter Z posts: Logo schmogo. I'll still never vote for X.
  • A blog post with a quote that says: "Stuart Elliot of the NY Times summed up the prevailing opinion of design when he once said to me, Logo schmogo Can a logo drive business results? Absolutely. There is one brand that saw a 20% change in their business within 7 weeks of changing their logo and packaging design. Yes, that’s right, CHANGE IN LOGO RESULTS IN 20% CHANGE IN SALES IN 7 WEEKS. Logo schmogo indeed!" Then the post goes on explaining that the change in logo resulted in 20% PLUNGE of sales in 7 weeks.
  • A blog post titled "Logo schmogo", and the first sentence is "A corporate brand is many things to many people. But it isn’t a logo."
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Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

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    This really nails it, though I never would have been able to find it on my own. Wow, I learned so much already. I don't know how to thank you. @k1eran Not only is the conversation thread helpful, but the links to the Wikipedia post link and the paper are unbelievable.link – namu Apr 1 at 13:15
  • No problem @namu. I did feel a bit lousy marking yours as a duplicate as you had obviously put a lot of effort in & had asked a high quality question - hope you stay involved with this site. I randomly read that "Josephine, Schmosephine" question a few months ago myself and I also found it fascinating! – k1eran Apr 1 at 13:19
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    @k1eran No worries, writing the question helped organize my thoughts, and I already learned a ton in less than an hour. I've always browsed this site and posted for the first time, and it's such a great experience already. I do have a question, though: can someone still find this question when they search "logo schmogo"? I just hope someone who has a similar question finds their way to the "Josephine, Schmosephine" question, like I did with your help. – namu Apr 1 at 13:32