What does it mean "It’s raining men"? I got this in this paragraph:

Metaphor - Describing something by using a word that isn’t literally relevant. For example, “It’s raining men”, “I’m feeling blue”, or “The weather was bitterly cold”.

  • It means (in the song) that there are so men to choose from, blonde, dark and mean that the lucky (??) woman can have her pick. – Mari-Lou A Apr 1 at 10:28

In this case the 'not literally relevant' word is raining - rather than men. The phrase comes from the Gloria Gaynor song of the same title and describes a situation in which a single girl might go out and have the opportunity to meet a large number of eligible men. An analogous phrase might be 'it's raining money'.

  • The song "It's Raining Men" was not by Gloria Gaynor - it was by the group The Weather Girls (in fact, the duo changed their name to The Weather Girls because of the success of this song). Gloria Gaynor is best known for "I Will Survive", a different disco song from the same era. – Canadian Yankee Apr 1 at 18:07

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