Sometimes when someone tells you to do something in a sarcastic but serious way so that you do not do it like: “yeah, go to the party on your own — maybe you’ll get hit by a car on your way back.”

Is there a word to describe this kind of speech or maybe there is a specific word you use to call the person who talks like this?

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    They are daring you, using sarcasm. – Yosef Baskin Mar 22 at 16:18
  • Sarcasm is usually defined as the use of verbal irony (usually antiphrasis) in a biting way. – Edwin Ashworth Mar 22 at 18:56

This is called calling someone's bluff.

Challenge someone to carry out a stated intention, in the expectation of being able to expose it as a pretence.

She was tempted to call his bluff, hardly believing he'd carry out his threat.


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