What do you call a person who makes maille (chainmail)? Would they be just be called an armor smith, or is there a more specific term that is widely accepted? I have heard "chain mailer", and while most people would understand, it is not a term I would consider very accurate, since many people consider "chain mail" wrong, and prefer "maille" or "mail". Is there a more accurate or historically correct term that I can use? Is "mailmaker" usable?

An example usage would be: "I have a friend who is a ________, and he made a hauberk for me."

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The general term "armourer", meaning a smith who specializes in the production of armor, may be used. Alternatively, depending on context, the Middle English term "hauberǧer" from Old French haubergier) more specifically means what you want, which is to say, a maker of maille armours. The former term is far better known, while the latter has long fallen out of use almost entirely, except appearing still as a surname.

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