I have read two links gotten some feedback from another forum.


https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us/definition/english/choice_1?q=choice+ enter image description here


According to the feedback, both structures are not the same.

the something of one's choice

the choice of one's something.

Could you tell what is different? I still don't understand why they are different.


As someone on the other forum pointed out, the choice of your [something] is not really idiomatic English.

The [something] of your choice has a positive meaning - the one you have specially chosen as your favourite.

Your choice of [something] may be used in a negative sense, as in "I don't like his choice of friends".

The choice of his friends would mean 'what his friends have chosen'. It's possible to invent a context in which you might say that, but it's not a very likely expression.


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